Heineman calls cig tax plan ‘double taxation’

Heineman calls cig tax plan ‘double taxation’

By Juan Perez Jr. September 24, 2012 4:54 pm Comments

Gov. Dave Heineman opened a new front in his criticism of a planned $370 million cancer treatment and research center on Monday.

Heineman said a proposed tax on cigarettes that would pay for a city contribution to the project amounts to “double taxation” — an unfair proposition for Omaha smokers when their tax dollars already help fund $50 million worth of state support for the project.

A public hearing on the proposition is expected to take a big chunk of the City Council’s time on Tuesday. We’ll be there.


  1. Torsten Adair says:

    Double taxation? So any project using state and local funds is double taxation, if Omaha sales tax is used to fund the project?

    Nebraska smokers have it easy. New York City charges $5.85 a pack in taxes ($4.35 state, $1.50 city). Then there are the public smoking bans (no smoking in bars). Ads in the subways and buses about what smoking does to your health.

    In 2002, 22% smoked. Currently, 14%. (For teens: 19% down to 7%.) This helped NYC raise it’s life expectancy to 82 years. (Omaha: 79)

    You’d think tobacco was a cash crop in Nebraska, given how low the tax on a pack of cigarettes is! $0.64!

    Currently, Omaha ranks #73 among large cities for smokers. New York: 13th. (It would probably rank better if Long Island and New Jersey were excluded.)

    Omaha has great hospitals. Wouldn’t it be nice if no one had to use them?