Roundabout battle ends

Roundabout battle ends

By Juan Perez Jr. October 23, 2012 1:22 pm Comments

A proposal to plant a roundabout in the heart of Dundee is finished.

On Tuesday, a group of city officials brought a quick end to a neighborhood controversy that reached the highest levels of local government.

A forthcoming, multimillion dollar Dundee facelift included three traffic control options at the 50th Street and Underwood Avenue intersection: a four-way stop sign, the current traffic light configuration or a circular roadway known as a roundabout.

That idea did not enjoy much vocal support from district merchants and power brokers.

In a meeting Tuesday, Mayor Jim Suttle, public works officials and City Council members Pete Festersen and Chris Jerram agreed to a plan that will keep traffic lights in a revamped intersection at 50th Street and Underwood Avenue.