Suttle wants end to some inmate furloughs

Suttle wants end to some inmate furloughs

By Erin Golden October 29, 2012 5:00 pm Comments

Following up on a couple of recent incidents with inmates on temporary or early release from prison, Mayor Jim Suttle has put together some specific ideas he wants to see turned into law.

The mayor said Monday he’ll ask legislators to tighten up the rules for who can get out — and when. His recommendations:

-No early release for serious violent offenders, and inmates convicted of gun- or gang-related crimes.

-No early release that allows inmates in the same categories to get out before hitting the minimum sentence.

-Parole board oversight of rehabilition and re-entry provisions for violent offenders, along with board approval for releases.

-Restructuring the furlough program for serious offenders.

-More public information about furloughs with the inmate tracker website.

The Legislature’s Judiciary Committee is already planning to meet on the issue in December.