Proposal would ban porch couches

Proposal would ban porch couches

By Juan Perez Jr. December 3, 2012 10:28 am Comments

Councilman Garry Gernandt of South Omaha wants to prohibit upholstered furniture and appliances from being kept on unenclosed porches.

Gernandt, a councilman since 2001, says he’s floating his proposal because such furniture and appliances are fire hazards, can harbor vermin and therefore disease, and look bad from the street.

Gernandt proposes to include the ordinance in a section of the city code that already prohibits “unauthorized noises and annoying vibrations,” “dressed or undressed carcasses of fish, animals or fowl” and “filthy or offensive water, swill, liquid or waste” draining from businesses onto streets and sidewalks.

Similar couch ordinances have passed in Lincoln; Ames, Iowa; and other cities. Gernandt said he used the Lincoln ordinance as a model for his own because it has been effective there.