Missing cop lets Fun-Plex off hook

Missing cop lets Fun-Plex off hook

By Juan Perez Jr. December 26, 2012 3:26 pm Comments

This one comes from our friend Joe Duggan in Lincoln: Omaha’s Fun-Plex amusement park dodged a liquor law violation because a police officer missed a hearing where he to testify against the business.

Fun-Plex faced disciplinary action in the form of a liquor license suspension for serving alcohol to two underage girls at a 21-and-over swim party the night of July 3. The officer stopped the girls for a traffic violation shortly after they left Fun-Plex.

Both of the girls also were subpoenaed and were waiting to testify at the hearing. But the officer had possession of the fake IDs, which officials described as necessary to tie the evidence together.

Instead, when the officer failed to show up, an assistant state attorney general pulled the violation and changed the hearing to a mandatory meeting. A mandatory meeting is similar to a warning ticket for speeding, Duggan reports.

Even though they caught a break, the operators of Fun-Plex plan to address the underlying problem, said Michael A. Kelley, an attorney who represented the business in front of the commission. The Omaha Police Department confirmed that failing to show up for hearings without giving advance notice can subject officers to disciplinary action.