City digs through plowing complaints

City digs through plowing complaints

By Juan Perez Jr. December 27, 2012 6:00 pm Comments

I took to Twitter the other day to get your feelings on the city’s snow plow efforts after last week’s blizzard. The reviews are mixed.

It seems as though the city’s arterial streets are largely fine, but the same can’t be said for many residential streets around Omaha. The Public Works Department knows this, and have been trying to work on slick spots — but the little bit of snow that fell this afternoon isn’t helping matters at all.

“Unfortunately, with the snowpack that is down there now, a snow that would kind of take care of itself with a little sunshine is just going to set us back in our attempts to get out there and continue to put some material down in some of these slick spots,” city street maintenance engineer Scott McIntyre told me yesterday.

“With the cold temperatures we’ve been having, we’re not seeing a huge amount of relief.”

Beyond snow and ice packed residential streets, there’ve been complaints about the parking regulations installed during last week’s snow emergency.

City Council members say they’re getting plenty of complaints as well.

“There are some streets that are a grade of ‘A’, and there are some streets that got a grade of ‘D’,” council member Garry Gernandt told me.

Such frigid temperatures make it more difficult for crews to clear stubborn patches of ice and snow packed onto side streets. Recent freeze-thaw cycles only glazed over chunks of ice on roads, McIntyre said.

“…There’s really not a whole lot to do about it,” council member Ben Gray said. “(Melting is) just not going to happen that fast. … You need for there to be some warm days.”

Gray said side streets around his north Omaha home are still packed with ice in spots.

“If they could, you know they would want to get it off a councilman’s street,” he laughed. “I’m sure if they could, they would.”

We’re keeping an eye on this issue. Keep us posted with what you’re seeing.