No quarters? No problem.

No quarters? No problem.

By Erin Golden January 15, 2013 4:45 pm Comments

How to Use an IPS Smartmeter from IPS Smart Meters on Vimeo.

Frequent downtown visitors take note: Omaha’s big changeover from coin-operated to card-ready parking meters is two months away.

The City Council has signed off of the $192,000 purchase 400 new meters, which will start showing up in the Old Market sometime in late March. The meters will work with either credit and debit cards or coins.

They’re part of a bigger undertaking to make parking more efficient, which will also include changes to enforcement hours and rates. Those changes, which will be overseen by the city’s new parking manager, haven’t been announced yet.

In the meantime, get ahead of the game by checking out this handy video from the company that makes the new meters. It’s a fairly simple system: swipe the card and then pick how much time you want to stay.

Unfortunately, Omaha’s meters probably won’t come with this video’s built-in soundtrack.