New cruisers are here

New cruisers are here

By Juan Perez Jr. February 6, 2013 10:23 am Comments

Yes, the gearheads at The Hall have eagerly updated you on the Omaha Police Department’s new cruiser fleet.

Now we’re getting our first looks of the department’s Chevrolet Caprice PPV’s. Count me as a fan of the new light bar system.

The City Council already signed off on the acquisition of 40 Caprice cruisers and five Ford sport utility vehicles under a three-year leasing program that will cost about $670,000 annually. The city has the option to buy the cruisers at a cut rate once the leases expire. We’ll keep a close eye on the success of the leasing program as it moves forward.

The department has more video of the cars in action. Take a look after the jump.