CenturyLink in line for big upgrades

CenturyLink in line for big upgrades

By Erin Golden February 8, 2013 2:22 pm Comments

More news from the Metropolitan Entertainment and Convention Authority: the CenturyLink Center is getting a new scoreboard. And new video equipment. And new digital ribbon panels around the sides of the arena.

All told, the upgrades will cost MECA $5.8 million. It’s a big investment, but officials say there’s no way around it; Technology has changed considerably since the original equipment went up in 2003. Repairs were getting too expensive and other venues are outpacing the CenturyLink’s video capabilities.

MECA president Roger Dixon said the new equipment, which will be in before hockey season starts in the fall, will make for a noticeably sharper viewing experience. More cameras will capture different angles on the action to display on the big screen.

“The configuration from what we have now will be totally different,” Dixon said. “It will be higher and not as wide, but the video screens themselves will be bigger.”

No word yet on what MECA or the city of Omaha will do with the old scoreboard and signs.