Carver Bank building taking shape

Carver Bank building taking shape

By Juan Perez Jr. February 18, 2013 11:23 am Comments

World-Herald metro columnist Erin Grace took a closer look at ongoing revival efforts near 24th and Lake today.

“Sometime soon, after the walls go up and the artists move in, a formerly mothballed pair of connected buildings on Lake Street will begin their next chapter,” she writes. “What will open in this space, called Carver Bank, in homage to its past as Nebraska’s first black-owned bank, is an artist-in-residence program.”

Long a priority of civic leaders, a large-scale makeover of 24th and Lake is seen as a way to boost development and tourism in a part of the city stressed by crime, unemployment and poverty. That area, city leaders hope, would eventually feature green space, an outdoor market and performance space.

We took a look at this project a few months back, and it’s neat to see the progress being made so far.