Yes, it’s still winter

Yes, it’s still winter

By Juan Perez Jr. February 20, 2013 3:27 pm Comments

So this is good news*. Omaha snow removal crews are “planning for the worst,” said Scott McIntyre, the city’s street maintenance engineer.

“This really has the potential to be a pretty significant snowfall,” McIntyre said of this week’s expected storm. “It’s going to be a difficult snow operation to stay on top of.”

The city will also declare a snow emergency late Thursday/Friday, meaning new parking regulations will take effect.

Omaha trucks will begin applying brine — salt water often mixed with a sugar beet derivative — late tonight through early Thursday, McIntyre said, then work to keep main streets as clear as possible when the snow arrives.

“I would anticipate residentials on Thursday and a good part of Friday are going to be pretty slow going,” McIntyre said.

Omaha will deploy about 200 vehicles to clear the streets, he said, about half supplied by private contractors.

The city has an impressive arsenal of snow removal-equipment at its disposal, of course. There’s the brine distributor truck, your snow plow truck and what I like to call the Death Machine (a giant snow blower).

We’ll keep you updated.

*Just kidding.